They have the most caring animal lovers around.. They treat all the animals like they are there own. With the most love and care I have ever seen at any rescue.
Tara Larue
There is no one that cares more about the animals then the team at Saving Sage. When I adopted my cat from them their every concern was about the heath and well being of my Adora Bella. Seeing how they jump into action when an animal is in need makes you realize how amazing and compassionate this team is. I would highly recommend this shelter, as your pet won’t be forgotten about by their team after you take it home, you become part of the Saving Sage family.
Erin McClary
My son's dog got out one morning before work I yelled his name walked up and down the street checked his favorite spots and couldn't find him anywhere had to take my son to school went to work stressed out about how I'm going to tell him I did not find him yet went home on my lunch break to check for him and just when I got five minutes back to work I got the call that somebody had ran his microchip and found him! The beautiful part is that a volunteer from saving sage actually found him and was able to keep him until I got off of work and the perfect ending I was able to pick my son up from school with his dog in the car it doesn't get better than that and God for microchips good people and saving Sage.
Nicole Marie Garcia
I had the most amazing and loving experience with this organization. Kathy was the most loving and caring individual, she introduced us to our two new fur babies, everyone there truly cares for the well being of all the animals. God bless these amazing individuals and all the hard work involved, they are all angels.
Maritza Colon
Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation has some of the best people who go above and beyond to rescue, heal, love and find the perfect adopters for the poor stray, abused and owner surrendered animals. Not only do they try to find the right animal for the right adopter but the animals are microchipped to Saving Sage in the event an animal is lost or stolen.
Diane Almeida Romero
I can’t say enough about Dianne Aikman. Because of her love and dedication to animals , my family has the best pup ever. We fostered then adopted Luna Marie, a lab/pit mix. Dianne made herself available at all hours when we had any questions or concerns. She went out of her way to make sure Luna was adjusting to her new home and life. Now not only do we have our baby girl we also made a friend for life. Thank you Saving Sage and Dianne Aikman, you give life, hope, joy and love to the animals you rescue and to the families that are lucky enough to adopt them.
Charlotte Rios
Saving sage truly cares about the well being of animals and does everything in their power to finding these animals a forever home! Support rescues! Adopt don’t shop!
Amanda Buck
I’ve been volunteering a few weeks here. I love it! The animals get a lot of love, attention, and care. Their surroundings are very clean. And the staff is very kind & appreciative.
Lala Bean
This foundation is the best. The Staff are Super Nice and they really take very good care of the animals. I 100% really recomment them. Keep Up the GREAT JOB Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation.
Julie Zuza
They genuinely care about placing the right pet in the right home. I am so pleased with the pets that I've adopted from Saving Sage.
Bonnie Tarkinow-Marcus
Let me just start by saying that I don't know many people who would go out of their way at 2am on Christmas Eve to help me with a dog I had saved from getting run over. After many phone calls to different rescues with no luck I called Saving Sage and Gina picked up and offered to help me. Saving Sage Animal Rescue truly goes above and beyond for the animals. They treat the animals with lots of love and affection as if it were one of their own. I am truly thankful for having met Gina. She is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. I am beyond grateful for all of Gina's help. What an amazing rescue!
Joanna Acosta